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Yuri Kim


Yuri is a passionate educator with extensive experience in teaching IGCSE, MYP, and DP in international schools across China, Vietnam, and Malaysia for over 20 years. She is also an ICF accredited and certified senior professional positive psychology coach and mentor, with a background in secondary education.

Throughout her career, Yuri has held management roles as Head of Department and Grade Level Coordinator and has worked as a DP examiner. Her expertise extends to supporting teenagers, parents, young adults, and teachers from diverse backgrounds in international school settings worldwide. Yuri integrates her educational and coaching experiences to help individuals and communities build positive relationships based on empathy, connection, and trust.

Yuri is dedicated to establishing partnerships with communities to facilitate transformation and guide them on unique journeys together. She believes in mutual support, self-awareness, encouragement, and meaningful goal setting to help individuals discover their inner voice and maximize their potential. Yuri is passionate about fostering a growth mindset and helping communities and individuals explore their possibilities.