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Lower School Principal

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Position Overview
Reporting to the Head of School, the Lower School Principal collaborates with the
Upper School Principal, and provides leadership in all educational and community
matters in the Lower School. They have primary responsibility for overseeing the
Lower School’s programs to maximize student achievement in line with DSS’s Mission
and three guiding Pillars. Working in collaboration with the academic leadership team,
faculty and staff, students, parents and the broader community, they establish an
environment in which students have access to exceptional and diverse academic programs
and opportunities, as well as appropriate care for their social-emotional and learning needs.

Duties & Responsibilities

• Ensure a safe and positive atmosphere where student expectations
(behavior and academic) are fairly and consistently applied
• Create and oversee the preparation of timetable for students and teachers
• Work closely with the Head of School and Director of Enrollment to establish
and implement clear guidelines and expectations for admitting new students
• Attend and actively participate in Student Support Meetings

• Support the recruitment, development and retention of a high-performing faculty
• Create an environment where faculty receive specific and constructive feedback
that allows them to grow and know how they are being evaluated
• Serve as a mentor and instructional leader to support the professional growth
and development of leadership capabilities of teachers so that instructional
leadership becomes a shared responsibility

• Work closely with IB PYP coordinator to oversee the Lower School’s
instructional programmes and promote a culture of high achievement
among faculty and students
• Ensure and promote a holistic and inquiry-based program in line with
Dwight values and the IB/PYP philosophy and framework
• Provide leadership in the development of the school’s assessment practices in
support of and in conjunction with the faculty
• Gather and analyze validating information and date that determines the
achievement of curriculum and instructional goals, and if student performance
outcomes are being met


• Ensure the Head of School is informed of all significant school afairs
• Collaborate and build strong relationships with academic and senior leadership teams
across the whole school to ensure alignment and consistency of student learning experiences
• Support and drive initiatives in line with the school’s strategic goals.
• Create, share and present reports as needed for meetings with the Board of Directors
• Collaborate and develop strong relationships with parents and the local community in
order to support and develop school goals and initiatives
• Accept additional responsibilities as required from the Head of School

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